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About Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Dolls are currently so life-like that they accompany valid looking eyes and skin that feels genuine to touch.

One creator, Orient Industry, will even modify a doll to your careful prerequisites so you can pick her bust size, hair shading, eyes and every little thing about her directly down to moveable fingers.

  1. High simulation, new technology, real human skin
  2. Full silicone resin material, high polymer materials TPE (full silicone resin), non-toxic environmental protection, EU exporting/certification, cosmetic (food) grade, without special stimulating smell, easy to clean, real skin, high realistic and very durable, the most anti tearing materials
  3. Upgrade the skeletal structure, perfect presentation of any desired position.
  4. Head can uninstall, vagina can choose fixed or insert
  5. With finger bone, with nails
  6. Vagina sex, anal sex, breast sex and oral sex
  7. With sound and body temperature
  8. Bones are made of noble metal materials, solid, can form a variety of moves, and the flexible joints, can do a large range of movement, accomplish the movements smoothly.
  9. Vagina diameter is 4cm,internal G-spot, structure design, countless G-spot bulge.
  10. Lifetime at least 5 years